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3D/2D Detailing Service

We are The Structive Detailing Team

No challenge is big enough to impede the pace of our expert detailers. Structive Engineering & Consultancy Services LLP can meet the most demanding requirements of our clients whether they are complex structures, tight delivery schedules or quality of drawings. We have SMEs ( Subject Matter Expert) in almost all industries, i.e. Material Handling System, Oil & Gas, Commercial Building etc. under expert leadership.

Industry Expertise

Well equipped with all the modern amenities Structive’s Office is becoming the hub for the Group of exceptionally talented Professional Engineers. Structive Engineering has facilitated the development of distinct error free task through smart software’s like Tekla Structures, AutoCAD, STAAD.Pro etc. Each of our team has vast detailing experience with many countries code i.e. AISC, BS, IS etc.

Our expert modelers / detailers has vast experience in almost every industries. We do prefer one contact person for all the communications, and our project manager leads the team with checkers / modelers / detailers.

What we offer

We utilize a suite of software packages to provide your project with the most efficient and best suited 3D modeling services. Our team is fully trained and experienced in the software they use and all modeling is fully checked by our experienced checking team before 2D drawing production commences. Following are few our services that we offer to our client.

  • Pre-process stage
    • Technical Synopsis- Pre-plan Drawings and Checklist, Customized Design Drawing Log & Design Drawing Folder
    • Client specific ABM ( Advance Bill of Material)
    • Bought out Items
    • Material Summaries
  • Project execution stage
    • Shop Drawings
    • Erection Drawings
    • Drawing Log & Transmittals
    • Part Drawings/ Attached material details
    • Embeds/anchors details and placement drawings in co-ordination with concrete trades
    • Customized Shop & Field Bolt Details
    • Customized NC Files
    • DXF files for plate work
    • 3D Models or 3D PDF
    • Import files for BIM Model, Rivet Model
    • AutoCAD drawings/ dwg File
  • Post Completion Stage
    • Data Security
    • Model Backup
    • Drawing Backup
    • NC File Backup
    • Future Expansion Project Support
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