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Joist/Girder & Deck Detailing Service

We are The Structive Engineering Team

Structive detail a full range of steel joist & deck product systems. Joist and Deck are commodity products — the only thing we really can sell is our service. To make a difference, we simply do what we say. If we give customer a schedule, we always keep that commitment. If customer makes special request, we make every possible effort to make it fulfill.

A Brief Description of Our Service

Our Joist and Deck Detailing Services consist of preparing complete and accurate drawings & Bill of materials as per client requirement based on Contract Drawings. The service includes erection plans, sections and details for the proper and safe installation of the steel joist girders, open web steel joist, bridging, steel deck, and accessories.

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Joist & Girder

Steel Joists are key component to roofing and flooring systems. We design, detail a full range of standard steel joists, composite joists, and joist girders that comply with the specifications of the Steel Joist Institute.

Open Web Steel Joists are light in weight they possess an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio in comparison with other building materials. Coupled with their low price per pound, they contribute significantly to lower building costs. An additional economy stemming from their lightweight is the fact that the structural materials supporting the joists, such as beams and Joist Girders, columns, and the foundations themselves, can therefore be lighter, thus leading to even greater economies. They are capable of supporting larger floor or roof loading due to the attachment of the concrete slab to the top chord of the composite joist.

Joist Girders are open web steel trusses used as primary framing members. They are designed as simple spans supporting equally spaced concentrated loads for a floor or roof system. They have been designed to allow for a growing need for longer span primary members, coupled with a need for more efficient steel usage.



Roof Deck

Roof Deck is ribbed steel used for the support of roofing materials. This deck is available in a 1½-inch profile with a coverage width of 36 inches. The decking is available in both a 2½-inch wide rib (Type B) and a 17/8-inch intermediate rib (Type F). Type B decking is for use as a component in Class 1-60, 1-75 and 1-90 wind uplift.

This product is offered in 18, 20, and 22-gage thickness. Decking that is 20 & 22-gage can be slot-vented. Finishing options include a G60 or G90 galvanized finish, or we can apply gray or white primer.

Non-Composite Floor Deck

Non-Composite Floor Deck is steel deck used as a form for reinforced concrete slabs for flooring on multi-level structures. This deck is available in 9/16-inch and 15/16-inch profiles with a coverage width of 30 inches.

Composite Floor Deck

Composite Floor Deck is cold formed steel deck which acts a permanent form and as the positive bending reinforcement for structural concrete. This deck is available in a 2-inch profile with a coverage width of 36 inches.


The Process We Follow

Prospective Client identifies a project and uploads information to Structive through Email & Dropbox. Review of Preliminary Technical & Project Management is done by Structive, scope is finalized & RFI raised if queries arises. Project Design / Documentation, Clients’s PM’s regular feedback on Structive queries via Email-Telephone-Desktop sharing session are done. Regular progress is reviewed by Client based on Mutual agreed project delivery milestones and final documents are submitted.

How We Work

We are dedicated to detail. We have an unwavering commitment to getting it right. From planning to project completion, our primary concern is keeping our customers ahead of schedule. We can issue prompt & precise detailing, and rapidly resolve any RFI inquiries to always produce & deliver on schedule.

Our team communicates continuously with the customer to understand the requirements. Next, team planning & selection of team member has done by counting the experience of most suitable CV matching the nature of the work. As we believe that improvement is a continuous process and hence we improve ourselves with the lesson learnt database from completed projects & customer feedback. We would love to take the ownership over the service provided by Structive. We strictly adhere the Eisenhower Matrix to determine the daily activity.

The Eisenhower Matrix
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